Intervention Please!!!

Could someone please get this man a vacation... I found him like this tonight, just before 8:00, in the Equipping Center, curled up in the fetal position with my daughter's ninny and nuk...

Someone please get him some help before he does something... crazy?!?

P.S. In case you weren't aware, our very own Pastor Duane hit the big 4-0 yesterday, and tonight was a big birthday celebration in his honor. :) You can check out the pictures here!

February 7, 2004... A Day Which Will Live in Infamy... Well For Me Anyway :)

So the story begins on the warm Wednesday evening of June 25, 2003. She'd arrived straight from Ohio at the student service at TSC and spotted the cute intern almost immediately... yes, she'd heard about him, though he had no idea who she was... and although her interest was peaked, well... after church, she went to Sonic with someone else. :)

That someone else invited her to SNAC that weekend... so the girl went, arriving straight from a camping trip in shorts, a t-shirt, and a do-rag, and bless someone else's heart, opened the door to the beginning of the rest of their lives together... "their" being the girl and the cute intern that is. See, cute intern had been instructed by his boss to start hanging out with a few girls his own age in an effort to defer the 8th grade crushes on him, so when he spotted a new girl in a cute do-rag walking through the door, he asked her out the first time he met her. The girl was heading back to Ohio the next day, so the persistent intern decided breakfast at Cracker Barrel was in order. Needless to say, she accepted.
For a whopping 7 months, between Texas, Tennessee, and Ohio, it was pretty touch-and-go for the girl and the cute intern, who had by then graduated school and become childrens-and-youth-associate... but on February 7, 2004, with his guitar and only one good knee, somehow the... (well we don't wanna call him the c.y.a. do we?) the cute boy managed to kneel down and ask the girl to be his wife.

Remember folks, we said one good knee... that's because cute boy had just blown out his ACL, MCL, and meniscus playing intermural basketball that past November at school. One good knee wasn't going to stop him though... Cute boy had written his girl a song, and right in the middle of the last chorus... whoops... he dropped his pic inside the guitar. Good thing girl was sitting right next to the guitar case. When she leaned over to get another pic out of it... well a pic is not what she found, folks. :) Giving cute boy just enough time to gingerly slip down to his good knee... :) Here's what the girl came back with.

And yes... her jaw dropped when he placed the rock on her hand.

And yes... I've been wearing it proudly for five years today.

And yes... we keep the goatee around because, admit it folks... cute boy would still look 15 without it. :)

Love you, baby... :) Still glad I said yes, even a whole five years later.


Fave Fotos Friday

"Hey Mama- I've got a suprise for you..."

"I cleaned out the cabinet ALL BY MYSELF!!!"

"Now why don't you return the favor and clean off my face?!?" :)