Time Well Spent

On Monday I had a brand new acquaintance unintentionally reveal something to me about myself that made me ashamed. I am coming to realize that the way I measure success at the end of my day is by how many tasks have been completed. Reese is fed, bathed, and dressed all by 10:30... check. Reese and I have had balanced meals so far today... check. Ran errands, this room got cleaned and this laundry was done, and dinner was ready to put in the oven before 3:00... check. Taught piano 'til 6:00 and kept Reese entertained and students un-distracted... check. Threw dinner in the oven at 5:30 during my last lesson and it was on the table by 6:15... check. And after 9 months of this, you can't imagine the emptiness you feel (well if you're a female at all I'm sure you can) like you're just alone in your daily world and what the heck did all that matter that I stressed myself to beat the clock over anyway?

So today, for the first time ever in nearly five years of living in Tennessee, I threw the list away and went with a dear friend whom I love and admire SO much, and did nothing but shoot the breeze, admire her sweet new baby, and drink hot chocolate at Starbucks. After that I spent the day with one of the sweetest teenage girls you'll ever know, getting a pedicure and just hanging out. (Thank God for spaghetti- I was able to throw dinner together in less than 30 minutes before heading back to VBS tonight.) No pictures were taken of VBS, no laundry got done, and my kitchen has been a mess for two days... I however felt the touch of relationship that totally will let me go to sleep tonight feeling like my life mattered for something today, if nothing more than letting someone else know they were loved and that they were TOTALLY worth my time.

Conversing with my Baby

Yesterday will, in my mind, mark the day for the first intelligent conversation I ever had with Reese. Hair still standing on end,(due to the Pebbles ponytail she'd been sporting all day) moving around as much as she could, we had a great talk. Our conversation was all about the lightswitch and how it worked, a picture of her at two weeks old, and maybe a lotion bottle... and the thing I loved about it most is that no one in the world could've understood a thing she said, but I'm sure I did. I even pulled out my camera (which this week is attached to my hip at all times anyway) and captured a bit of it on video. OK, more than a bit... this thing is four minutes long, and is posted mostly for the viewing pleasure of my sister in law who gets to watch Reese grow up via this wonderful contraption we call the computer, so watch as much or as little as you care to, if you care to at all... :)


Bambi's Visit

It's not everyday you get to see wildlife, let alone running around in your yard... or the McCoy's yard anyway. Amidst fun in the pool

and a rousing game of Monopoly,

here is the excitement we experienced. Halo thought he'd turned into a mighty huntin' dog. Leighann gets the credit for noticing it.

Here's another picture I snapped... poor little thing was scared to death.

Made for a great picture though!


Two Days Down, Three to Go.

It's late, and I am all VBS'd out for the day. NO COMPLAINTS though- this year has been awesome so far. I would like to begin my blog with my top favorite people of VBS however... (in no particular order)

Della Rosa- because they rock... literally. And they don't mind being "Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters" for the week.

Dana- if all I saw this entire week was you doing that obstacle course in your jeans, it would've been enough.

Rhonda and her cast- their skits make the grown ups wanna come to VBS, and no one else could bring Jack Sparrow and Darth Vader into the same place and make it all make sense.

The registration gals, Leslie, Lori, Michelle, & Laurie- they've written their own stinking computer program to keep up with these 600+ kids!

The servers at Pancho's- for bringing me sweet tea, chips, salsa, queso, and fajita's at lunch.

Reese- for giving me a reason to take my kid to VBS for the first time ever.

Big Nanny- she personally takes on the task of loving on and keeping up with my little wiggleworm during the evenings so I can snap photos and videos of the VBSers.

Ryan- for wowing us with his ability to construct incredible semi trucks and black pearls on the stage of our worship center.

Aunt Mel- the amount of work that I did for VBS this year was cut into like... 8ths. I am beginning to believe she doesn't even need me anymore and could do this with her pirate patch over one eye as she walks the plank.

My Reagan- because I think he's the coolest children's pastor who ever lived... period.