Ree-See Phone Home

Hey Mia... Do you see what's in my hand? It's Mama's cell phone. She was trying to do her homework this afternoon and the only thing that could make me even remotely cooperate was for me to be allowed to play with this normally forbidden object... so I turned it on, pushed a bunch of buttons, held it up to my ear, and proceeded to shout for you over and over (and over) again...
MIA.... MIA.... MIA!
I couldn't seem to understand why you never did answer, since everytime Mama uses it, I can shout your name and all of the sudden I hear you talk to me.
Oh well... maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.


Her Father's Daughter

As I was pulling Reese out of the tub this morning... rubbing her head with her towel to get all the extra water off... I looked at her in the mirror and saw...

...her daddy. :)


Guinea Pigs

So I shot a couple of families yesterday...

with my camera people- come on.

Check 'em out here and check back soon... I hope to put some more up of the H fam tonight!


Fave Fotos Friday

A few shots from around our cabin in Pigeon Forge this weekend...

I look at this picture and think I really need to call Vandy and make sure they gave me the right kid... (not that I'd give her back at this point...)


Sweet Sweet Sweet Silence...

What you're about to see should be an advertisement for PraiseBaby DVD's, and will probably only be found amusing and sweet by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and maybe a second cousin or two...

It's 45 seconds of my child sitting nearly perfectly still for what was a full 30 minutes of our Wednesday afternoon.

Ahhhhh... Thank you PraiseBaby. Thank You very much. :)


Bad wife. Bad Bad Bad Wife...

Well folks, I did something unbelieveable yesterday.

Something I am not proud of.

Something I would never ever dream of doing intentionally.

And I have terrrrible aim... so it's nothing I could've done on purpose if I'd tried.

Thing is, I like a good foot massage... anywhere, anytime... and night before last I begged Reagan to rub my feet, but seeing as how I asked him at 11:00, I was just out of luck. So, he promised to give me one while we watched the election coverage the next night.

Well, with each polling result as I grow more and more bitter to the news, I'm thinking... "OK, time for that foot massage and then I'm just going to bed. I just don't want to hear anymore."

So, I hop up, run into the bathroom to grab some lotion, and toss mind you... toss it onto the bed.

That's when it happened.

I hit him folks. And you would've thought that bottle of lotion weighed 50 pounds.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I felt so bad. I just stood there with my hands over my mouth trying to figure out if that really just happened.

But it did.

Needless to say, I never got my foot massage.... and if Reese is an only child, you'll know why...


I Need You All to Pray

Hey Friends,

Many of you know about my dad's cancer. While all of his organs and everything else seems to still be very healthy, the protein counts are still climbing, finally bringing them to the decision to start chemo. He did this last week.

Night before last he was playing on the floor with my niece, and some kind of crazy sharp pain in his side hit him out of nowhere. He had a skeletal xray done, but no signs of anything yet, and the pain is increasing with each day. My dad doesn't tell anyone when he's hurting, and my mom just called me in tears asking me to pray... said he's in a lot of pain right now. She wanted me to ask anyone and everyone that I know to do the same.

Thanks y'all... it'd mean the world to us right now.


Dear Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Hi, my name is Reese. I know you're usually pretty busy forking over dimes and quarters when big kids lose their teeth, but I was wondering if you had anything to do with those teeth before they actually fall out.... like as they are cutting through my gums?!?

At this point I'm thinking of re-writing a very popular Christmas song, and calling it

"All I Want for Thanksgiving (is My Two Front Teeth)"
It would save me buckets of drool.
It would save my runny nose from getting anymore raw from Mama wiping it all day.
It would probaby take away my cough.
but more importantly
It would save my Mama's sanity... because I must admit I have been the crankiest, whiniest child on the face of the planet today.
Lucky for me, I somehow found some patience during dinner tonight and made my Mama feel really sorry for me... to the point that I got to eat an entire chocolate chip cookie all by myself after dinner tonight.
And boy did I enjoy it. :)

So tooth fairy, since I'm sure you'll be in the area tonight('cause a big majority of the kids in the world live within a 10 mile radius of me...) feel free to stop by and help these things on through.

My Mama will thank you, and probably leave a quarter or two under my pillow for you to pick up.