Another run-of-the-mill, ordinary day

Every once in a while, you have one of those monumental moments in life. The kind that just sort of stop time for a split second. The Lord does something in your life that changes it forever. You ask yourself if you're about to be a guest on the SNL sketch "Really?!? With Seth and Amy" And you just keep asking yourself Really?!? Really?!? (haha- I just love me some good weekend update...)

Well, welcome to the past four days of my life. And let me tell you, past experience tells me that God is about to do something really HUGE here.

I am Mama to a handful of a 3 1/2 year old girl, and a precious 9 1/2 month old boy who is just starting to come into and show us his adorable little personality. If you're reading this, you probably are already aware that said 9 1/2 month old boy was a hefty 11 lbs 1 oz at birth. Recovery took quite a while after delivering him, and getting rid of the extra "love" I've been carrying around has proven to be quite a task.
I really got motivated to hit it hard after Christmas, though, showing up at the gym 3-4 times a week for the past 6 weeks, and feeling great. After the first month, however, I was becoming increasingly disappointed and discouraged at the lack of results I was seeing- in fact, I felt like I was moving in reverse.

After a great run this past Monday, Valentines Day, and going through my routine on the scale and kinda trying to scope things out for any changes in things, I'll just be honest- I was ticked and just decided it was time to have a heart to heart with God. I'm working so hard. I've changed so much about my diet. Why are you not blessing my efforts?!? Augh!!! Am I doing something wrong?

And then, a thought that had vaguely crossed my mind a few times over the past couple weeks, occurred to me again... Could I be? No, I'm still nursing Ty, and frankly it just doesn't add up...

Then a thoughtless Mama remembered that she had not purchased any Valentines for Reese's party the next day, and a quick 9:45pm trip to Walgreens was in order. Just as I was about to head to the checkout counter, the thought occurred to me again. Ah, what will it hurt. Just buy one. What the heck, buy two. Put your mind at ease.

And then...

Happy Valentines Day, Dear

R- "What is that?"
H- "What does it look like?"
R- (smile and a chuckle...) hug your wife and say "We're gonna have a baby..."
H- "No, we already have one- he's across the hall!"

But just wait- it gets better...

Fast forward to Thursday. Sweet little face pops up on an ultrasound screen. Holy cow. It's really true. And then the doc confirms even crazier news...

"You're 5 months along"

Congrats. You've missed the first half of it. Feel free to submit your story to one of those Lifetime "I didn't know I was pregnant" shows...

So there you have it folks- we are pleased to introduce Wagoner baby #3... Due Date, July 12... give or take a week... who can really tell... But hey, we'll be able to tell you if it's a boy or girl in 2 weeks! And when you finish picking your jaw up off the ground, you can come help me with mine. I think it may be there for a while...