Riding Out the Storm

So the Wag fam set out for a fun day of PennStation, mini-golf, and batting cages in the boro today... and had a grand ol' time. :)

Apparantly we were missing out on some crazy storms back home... On our way back, 'bout 5 minutes or so before we exit 840, lets just say Mama's stomach started getting a little nervous. The clouds we were driving under looked as though they'd swallow us up any minute! Mama was ready to clean Daddy's clock, seeing as how Daddy's a wanna-be storm chaser from Oklahoma, so he slows down to about 50 to watch the action. Augh! GET YOUR GIRLS HOME AND OUTTA THIS WEATHER!

Obviously we made it back safe and sound, and pulled into the church parking lot just in time to see this... one of the brightest rainbows I've ever seen with the beginning AND ending of it on either side of the TSC campus. GORGEOUS. With a big scary wanna-be tornado hiding in the rain right in the middle of it... just amazing. Thank you camera-phone.

Yes, this is two pictures "glued"together to make one... Thank you photoshop. :)

Hope y'all had as much fun riding out the storm as we did! :)


Dear Aunt Weesha...

...and Uncle Wob, Hannah, and Hudson too.

Thought you might like to see this. I came up with it all by myself- totally surprised my Mama one day a couple months ago!

Here's something else that I've been meaning to send a BIG THANK YOU for! A little belated Christmas gift... thanks to Nana I still got to celebrate in February! :)

I am saying such new and funny things everyday. While Daddy was gone visiting you, Mama told me everyday where he was, and who he was with. Now that he's home, when it's time for him to leave for work, I always ask her if he's in * and tell her that he's w/ Weesha. :) (Though I bet he's glad he doesn't have to make that trip everyday!)

This morning, while Mama was getting me ready for her Bible Study, I was singing sweetly like I do quite often. I guess Mama wasn't paying good attention, but as I bust into the chorus of "How Gaaaaate" she realized what I'd been singing... Of course she ran to grab the video camera, so I sang parts of it for her again. See if you can figure it out! :)

Did you hear it? "Age to age... stands. Time... hands. Beginning... end. Godhead... three... one... Son... lion-lamb." :) Mama and Daddy are very proud of what I'm learning... but I think they're being extra careful with what goes into these ears of mine these days. :)

Hannah and Hudson- I love you both lots, and will be so excited when we can play together sometime. Let's skype soon! And I promise to try not to turn off the Mario Kart again next time...

Love, Reese


A Conversation Between Friends

Sitting at Pancho's Sunday night, Reese and Collin are having the best conversation that a 10 year old can possibly have with an 18 month old, and Reese decides to relieve herself a bit...


Of course Collin thinks it's hillarious...

Collin: Reese, Reese, say "excuse me"
Reese: (no response, except for maybe another ppffffttttt)
Collin: laughing loudly... Reese, what do you say???
Reese: (thinks about it for a second...) You're welcome!


A Call to Worship

As spiritually uplifting as that may sound... this call sounded more like blood curdling screams coming from my 18 month olds room last night around 10:00. (Which was technically 11:00 w/ the time change.)

Reagan was in the back guest room with his guitar. I had spent my evening shooting all the Bubba's at the WBF and was sitting in front of my computer going through shots, then all of a sudden...


So of course I JUMP from my chair and run into her room to find her 1. flushed cheeks, burning up/sweating because someone had put her to bed in her red fleece polka dotted CHRISTMAS pajamas...? and 2. crying uncontrollably, asking for a drink.

Fever? Doesn't feel that way... OK, maybe she has sweat out every bit of moisture in that little body of hers. Let's change the pj's, get some water, and politely ask Daddy to change rooms since the guitar music seemed to be easily seeping straight through her bedroom wall. Thank you Daddy... he's gone to the bathroom floor now with his music.

If you know my girl though... we got the pj's changed. we got the drink. we got nemo and the ninny and the nuk. She still hears it though...

music? music? daddy? music?

So off we go, to a sweet time of singing her favorite song "How Great is Our God". As you will see, my little aspiring worship leader still has some lessons to learn about wilfully baring her midriff as she sings, but it now seems that the "pio" (pee-o) is not the only instrument that grabs her attention. :) Her voice rang as clear as could be, singing "Naaaame" (above all names) at the top of her lungs in such a way that I'm sure put a smile wide on Jesus' face.

Of course the pictures can do a better job of telling the story than I can...

singing "Naaaaame" at the top of her lungs. :)