Six Months

Don't let the adorable little smile on the left fool you. People tell me it's terrible that I call him "fat boy" but- c'mon, can you blame me? When he outgrows it, or starts to understand what I'm saying, I'll stop, I promise. Fat Boy celebrated six months on Wednesday. As sweet and precious as he is 99.9% of the time, this kid has a shrill shreik of a scream that would taunt even the scariest of wildlife living in the jungles of Africa. And all it takes to really set him off is for him to be about half asleep and ticked off about wanting food in the middle of the night.

We had reached a point where he was sleeping through the night. Then, as all crazy babies do, he grew again... (what is he thinking?) and for about 2 weeks now I have been up religiously again at 2:30, 4:30, and 6:30. (though to give him credit, sometimes he'd sleep through the 2:30 feeding. How generous, right?)
I want to say to him - "You know that your sister slept through the night from the day she was born, right?!? Take a lesson!" (People told us that because of this, we weren't really parents the first time... lol)

And I know that there are all sorts of people out there that think I'm nuts for not starting this sooner- but a doctor my family really trusts advises to wait to give a child anything but mother's milk until there is a presence of teeth because the presence of teeth indicate that the body has started to secrete the digestive enzyme necessary to properly digest food. So- while they haven't completely poked through yet... you can see they're very close... and Mama and Daddy's sanity is at stake... so here we are.

And while I know you may have a hard time believing it... this kid took right to eating. :) And slept a glorious TEN hours last night. (Thank. You. Lord.)

And just so the Reese Cup isn't left out... enjoy a nice little giggle at what she and a couple of buddies conjured up after dinner last night. (Hope this little guy's daddy doesn't kill me for this- but he was ALL too eager to line up for this shot!) Love it!


Allow Me to Translate

Reese decided to write me a note today. When I asked her what it said, this is what she told me. (Feel free to read it for yourself.) :)


Bring on the Cheese

Compared to the church that I grew up in, I am now privileged to serve in a ministry that is quite, what some may think of as "progressive"... Our theology is sound and Biblical, but our methods, well... we do what works for the area that we live in, and I love it. I am however, beginning to wonder what they're teaching our preschoolers about Christmas...

Our three year old daughter came out of choir this past Sunday night eager to tell me all about the new song she'd learned from her teacher. Here's how it went...

"Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let earth receive more cheese... Let every heart prepare him room, and heaven-n-a-manger sing, let heaven-n-a-manger sing..."

As brilliant as this mind of hers is- we're still learning what's smart and what's not when it comes to getting yourself stuck in Mama and Daddy's footboard. This would probably make the 10th time I've pulled her out of this in a week.

Just a little insight into the world of the Reese Cup. :)


An Attempt at Unloading My Brain before I'm Late for Connect Group...

Well now... let me begin by saying this. It has been a pretty rough year and a half. It just has. Let me tell you something though... the sun is out. (you say- yes we know, Heather. It's October and it's 90 degrees. We know that the sun is out.) No, I mean- in our house, the sun is OUT! It is good to be a W in TN!

But you know, sometimes my brain just frustrates me. I have so many things that God has taught me over the course of this past year and a half, and holy cow I want to tell someone that needs to hear it so that it can make an eternal impact on their lives. I just can't keep it in anymore, and I figured this may be a good place to start. Cause usually if I try to talk about it, it just gets all jumbled right about the spot where my neck meets my shoulders, chokes me up, and it never quite makes it out of my mouth very clearly. So frustrating...

I've learned something about myself though- the Lord revealed it to me back in the spring. It's been one of those revelations that basically every shortcoming in my life gets blamed on ever since I discovered it about myself. :) Ready for it?

I'm pretty sure I'm one of the most insecure people that I know.

Even NOW, I mean this VERY second... I'm asking myself- is what I'm typing clever enough? Will someone read this and think "man, that chick is hilarious..." And then I come back and say "girl. Just think. clearly. don't let anything cloud your mind. type until your spirit says 'yep, that's what I was trying to say.'"

Most of the time my mind gets so thick with concerns of every little thing going on around me, or of someone's opinion of me, that for a while it just become easier not to engage with people at all. Where church is concerned, it is far easier for my mind to make a b-line for whatever room my kid is being taken care of in, pick them up, and drive home to the safety of our four walls than to stop and have an intelligent conversation with someone.

Surely there's a label for this, wouldn't you think? :)

Couple this problem with being the wife of one of the pastors of a 2000+ member church, (who isn't afraid to talk to anyone at all) and let me tell you something else. Living a life of never feeling like you know how to act or being so afraid of what someone will say about you is ex-HAUS-ting. And absolutely fruitless.

And I really wanna be finished with it...

It's actually very empowering to realize and own the fact that I am a child of God, and that I can be completely fulfilled and secure in this relationship if I will just let myself believe it. Believe that at my fingertips are limitless resources of power from the Spirit of the living God.

For the place in life that I'm in right now... I think about it this way. Let's say my realtor just called- they wanna show the house in an hour. The kitchen is a wreck because I'm in the middle of making dinner, my bedroom has no sheets on the bed, three baskets of clean laundry to fold, and two more piles in the living room waiting their turn in the washer, and my daughter is up to her beloved ears in dress-up clothes and toy dishes amidst every book, block, crayon, and puzzle piece that she has strewn around her bedroom floor. My 5 1/2 month old is screaming because of those horrible bottom teeth that just won't break through.

But sure- I'll have my house clean and perfectly staged for you to walk through it in five minutes and then decide you don't wanna buy it. Bring 'em on... :P

All of the sudden- my sweet husband walks through the door to my rescue. "Hey babe, got the call about the showing. Thought you might need some help getting everything together."

You mean- I don't have to take care of this myself? I don't have to handle this load? You're gonna lead us through this crazy moment and save the day?

Yep... my heart stops pounding. My head stops swirling. Four-letter words stop trying to make their way across my lips. And my mind can rest. Because I know that I don't have to do something my mind tells me is impossible, or if I attempt it, won't be good enough anyway. Because while I'm good at cleaning up the filth of a home- my man is waaaay better and faster at dealing with the clutter. He's gonna handle it for me.

I. am. secure. The task is taken care of.

I am the same child of God as every hero and heroine of my faith. The same power that drives their ministries is readily available to me as well. And let me tell you- that power doesn't come from me. It comes from the One who lives deep within me.

Can somebody breathe a breath of fresh air with me?

Folks- insecurity doesn't just make you look weak and unsure of yourself. It breeds sin. and hurt. and turmoil. and just plain devastation.

But that's a blogpost for another day... and beyond that- it's time for Sonic and church. :)