My Not-So-Green-Thumb

I've done everything that's been asked of me in regards to "staging" my house to sell it. I've loved this house. If it had some more space, I'd buy it all over again. For some reason though, after over three months, we're still the proud owners. From painting over my beloved red kitchen, to taking down all of my family photos, to storing one of my couches to open up my living room, to leaving fresh baked cookies on the table for a potential buyer (and not to mention the cookies giving it that nice "homey" smell), I've done it all... or so I thought.

According to my realtor, who is aparantly a feng shui expert now, I need red blooming plants in my house. Now I thought feng shui was all about the "flow" of your home... (whatever.) To quote her email, however, anyone who has placed red blooming plants in their home has sold it within a week of the next person that looked... At this point, I'll try anything.

So... meet my red blooming plants.

The problem is... my fingers do great things to your neck, shoulder, and feet muscles, a computer keyboard, and my piano, however- they've never been super successful at keeping these things alive. Thanks to lady at Lowe's for her encouraging advice...

"Try these. They're annuals. They're gonna die anyway." :)


Question for the Big Nanny...

So everyone knows that VBS starts tomorrow. I'm teaching theatre in the mornings, games in the evenings, and piano in between for a couple of afternoons this week. Dinners for each night of the week are prepped and in the deep freeze, ready to be thawed each morning and popped into the oven when needed. My house is cleaned and will be ready to show at a moments notice. I've spent the evening organizing my week down to the very last detail, and in the end, this is what will be assisting me in keeping my sanity...

Whoever thought of sticky notes for your desktop was an ABSOLUTE genius...

So (cue musical intro) my question for the Big Nanny is this- (enter Taylor Hicks solo...)

This is what we dream about, but the only question with me now... is, Do I make you proud??

(Though I'm sure your desktop is much more decorated than my own.) :)



Confessions of a Health Food Junkie

Does anyone else think it's weird that I got super excited over my lunch today?
Starting at the top and moving clockwise, we have...
  • Watermelon
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Quinoa
  • Broccoli
Hi. I'm Heather. And I love healthy food. I spend my "nursing time" flipping between Food Network and the Cooking Channel, and get excited over organic cookbooks and cooking magazines. I could read them for hours. Today was the first time I'd ever made quinoa, and it pretty much made my day...

Phew... glad I got that off my chest.

On a side note- this just in from Reese... (I got her dressed today, but apparantly shorts and a t-shirt weren't enough. The leotard needed to go over the outfit.)

"Welcome to Handy Manny's School for Tools. Today- we're learning how to make a dress! It will be SO beautiful..."
(I bet Manny would be thrilled to know what a great seamstress he is at our house...) :)


A Saturday Well Spent

I could very easily become addicted to this game... And yes he beat me- but I had the lead after the front 9! (Somehow that's not the score that counts...)

My Little Drama Queen

"Mama... I fink I just need to wee-wax..." she says, crawling into an empty tub with her clothes

...tell me about it.


Things I Plan to do in July

  • Keep finding ways to pour myself into my relationship with Christ, my husband, our kids, and our ministry
  • Put up sweet corn in my deep freezer... enough to have an ample amount for dinners, not only for my family, but also to share with friends... probably about 15 quarts or so
  • Enjoy warm evening walks with my love
  • Finish the book "Shepherding a Child's Heart"
  • Pack up my house so I can move down the road in August
  • Spend time with a few teenage girls that have stolen my heart
  • Golf with my husband, brother, and Dad
  • Play with my kiddos and catch lots of those moments on video
  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Drink lots of carrot/beet/celery/lettuce and apple juice (freshly juiced I might add)
  • Get a pedicure... maybe with Cathy if she didn't spend all of her money at Cedar Point and on her new boat :)
  • Go to Gatlinburg with our awesome TSC Staff Family
  • Become a cottage/romantic/shabby chic guru- and decide how I will decorate every room of my new house to suit that taste