#CrossCampID2014 - Passing the Torch

In the eleven years I've been out to Camp Linden now, we've had some pretty great weeks of CrossCamp, but this week held a pretty special uniqueness to it.  The 'passing of a torch' in a sense from Pastor Eric to the (almost) Pastor Mark.

TSC, let me tell you that I've watched Pastor Eric, with the utmost grace and maturity, love kids and be present in their lives this week, while at the same time totally promote Mark and encourage kids to love him and be engaged with him this week in light of his upcoming role.  And I've watched "coach montgomery" (as so many of these kids have known him) step into it effortlessly. It has just been seamless and exciting to see. 

This weeks theme has been all about teaching these kids to know that their identity lies in Christ.  I don't know about you, but if you ask me who I am, I'm gonna tell you I'm a wife, mom, piano teacher, photographer, and 'hippie oil' seller... ;)  Pastor Eric's 'ID' for the past four years has been 'children's pastor' at TSC.  Don't get me wrong, there's no question that he knows WHO his identity lies in...  but anyone could agree it's gotta be an emotional and bittersweet thing to be handing over your job to someone else.
Things that are growing are always changing. (I mean, if you've ever watched me in 9 months of growing a Wagoner baby, you can definitely agree!)  ;)  I think in lots of settings a competitive vibe could easily show it's face and tension can arise when a change like this is taking place. I absolutely respect and admire the hearts I've seen in both of these men this week.  Mark respecting who Eric has been, and Eric respecting, encouraging, and believing in who Mark will be.  Their unity has brought about such a sweet, sweet spirit. It's very apparent that they know who their "ID's" lie in.  What an astounding example they've been to our kids.

So since we can't all come to camp, I thought I'd do my best to make sure the friendship, grace, unity, and excitement your kids have seen this week was hopefully somehow communicated in a small way back to you and had a chance of making an impact on the hearts of their parents too.  Get excited with them!  It's been a GREAT week!!!

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