A Little Dab'll Do Ya...

Two things make this little text blog-worthy. One is that Heather Hanks should go into the 2 year old Sunday School teacher hall of awesomeness.  As much as I'm ready for Tess to potty train and move on to the 3 year old hall where she belongs, I will miss the encouraging notes I get from Heather about my girls Sunday morning. 

The second is the fact that I dabbed a little 'perfume' on my little lady as I was getting her ready for church- and don't ya know Tess the mess wasn't such a mess today!  Props to dōTERRA Wild Orange oil! 

and then... a little PS...  I got THIS one from one of Ty's teachers...  (and yes, I oil'd him too...) These people and these oils have blessed my morning! 

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