It's Official- I'm a Songwriter.

It just came to me.  Like a sort of epiphany.  We walked in from the grocery today and it was nap time. The kids had beaten me in the house and were living it up in my living room.  That's when it hit me... so I sang.

'all my wag'ner babies, all my wag'ner babies... all my wag'ner babies, all my wag'ner babies...
get up to your rooms, let's head on up, get up those stairs right now.'

{begin cries, whines, and pleads for re-consideration. re-sing first part of song. at least i get a laugh out of Reese}

'if you're whinin' then i'm gonna put a spank on it, if you're whinin' then I'm gonna put a spank on it.  don't wanna hear it, i'll just have to put a spank on ya- whoa--oa-oa... oa-oa-oa... whoa-oa-oa... oa-oa-oa'

And just in case you need a visual... I have to imagine it all looked something like this.  Minus the leotards.  

(you may have to copy and paste the link to view it... but it's totally worth it, trust me.)


~renee said...

Laughing out loud!!! And yes, love the visual too!!!

Wags said...

i'm just glad i never followed through with that whole nanny-cam idea... we don't need proof.